Storage TankWe are a multidisciplinary engineering company that design, manufacture , supply and install storage tanks for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Since 1998, our sales team involved in international trading and construction business with UN, government organizations and private companies in Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Uzbekistan, Germany, Jordan, Cote d’Ivoire. We have extensive experience in all climates worldwide.

We provide wide range of storage tank types having internationally accepted manufacturing standards together with high level of material, workmanship and installation quality.

Our innovative designs, our modern manufacturing technologies, engineering knowledge and our experience in the sector are the foundation of our success.

We are committed to propose the most appropriate solution for your storage tank needs. We are challenging the limits of water tank business in terms of capacity, shape, site and installation…


To provide our customers with high quality, healthy, environment friendly, cost-effective and easy to install storage tanks with world-class engineering, sales and installation service.


Become leading Liquid Storage Tank supplier that offers economical, reliable and innovative designs to minimize shape, size and site limitations.