GRP Sectional Tanks

HOT PRESS MOULDED SMC/GRP panel tanks are highly recommended and the most ideal for raw/treated/waste water storage, where the purity of water is maintained forever. 100% maintenance free and it does not require any painting / coating / rubber lining. “Stays longer” than the other alternatives.

Tanks are delivered in panels and are assembled on site by fully trained and experienced crews.

Resistance to Chemicals and UV

GRP is non-corrosive and has a much longer life expectancy when compared to a variety of construction materials. Perfect resistence against industrial and households chemicals, salt contents, acids , petrol and oil. It is popular choice where exposure to harsh environments is a concern. Fibreglass provides resistance to ultra violet light, extreme temperatures, salty air, and a variety of chemicals Because fiberglass is chemically inert and corrosion-resistant, it offers an economical alternative to stainless steel.

High Strength & Durability

High strength to weight ratio and high flexural strength. Fibreglass is an attractive lightweight material that builds strength into almost any finished product or component. Pound for pound fibreglass can be stronger than steel and sheet metals. Highly resistant to environmental extremes. Fibreglass is built to last.

GRP TanksFood Grade

Compound from UP-resin, glass fibre and non-organic filling materials. Modules satisfy food contact standards. Bacteria generation and germ growth are prevented, because the light can not penetrate the panels, and the surface af the panels are very smooth. No potentially toxic materials (isocyanates) used within the tank.


  • For many tank installations, especially in hot or humid climates or in outdoor locations, the need for tank insulation is one of primary concern.

  • Polyurathane insulated GRP panels prevent over heating, freezing and condensation problems in all climate conditions.

  • Hardly measurable loss of strength in 20 years.



  • High degree of design flexibility to meet almost any installation and capacity requirements.

  • Externally or internally flanged designs can be offered.