Storage TankCylindrical Bolted tanks are made of either galvanised steel, stainless steel or epoxy coated steel. Pre-fabricated panels are bolted together and sealed with EPDM gasketing, polyurathene sealants or internal membrane lining.The parts are detailed to meet or exceed relevant standards for design, material and manufacturing.

Tanks are delivered in panels and are assembled on site by fully trained and experienced crews. Sizes  ranging from 15 to 10.000 m³.

Design & Capacity Freedom

High degree of design flexibility to meet almost any installation and capacity requirements. Furthrmore, tank capacity is expandable when required.


  • 20+ design life
  • Chime panel or flat panel design
  • Complies relevant industrial codes
  • Designed to meet AWWA D103 & API 12B standards
  • Fully modular for easy storage, transportation and installation
  • Pre-fabricated, can be lcated & re-located esily
  • No need for site welding, cutting or site fabrication
  • Rapid manufacturing & installation
  • Wide range of accessory package including ladders handrail, heaters, insulation, manway, level gauge
  • Coating and liner choices for specific needs
  • Lowest transportation & installation cost
  • Internally or externally supported sloped steel roof
Water Tank