Storage TankMemebrane lined steel water tanks can installed for various purposes. Whether you require small capacity tank for domestic use, or an industrial tanks for a large-scale operation, we can provide you with an expertly engineered, reliable and long lasting water storage solution, built to the highest international standards.

Otank membrane lined modular water tanks are built utilizing easy fastening technique.

The roof structure is easy to install, strong and adaptable for most applications. Roof trusses with a strong bolted connection to tank wall, gives direct load transfer from roof structure to tank wall and then to the ground.

Corrugated profile wall panels have been specifically engineered to give strength, as well as give an aesthetic appearance of our water tanks.

We offer a range of liner technologies to suit almost any storage application. Our reinforced liners are capable of supporting water pressure and are suitable for storage of a large range of liquids.

cylindrical steel tank