Rectangular Bolted Modular Tanks A versatile solution for bulk storage of water. The sectional construction concept consists of bolting up together mass produced tank panels (either 1,32m / 1,22m or 1,075 m square) into tanks of various capacities. Variety of construction forms of square or rectangular shapes to suit project requirements.

Design and capacity freedom

High degree of design flexibility to meet almost any installation and capacity requirements. Externally or internally flanged designs can be offered.


Mild steel or stainless steel panels. Bitum painted, hot dip galvanized, epoxy or polyester, powder coated for mild steel panels.

Rectangular Bolted Modular Tanks Tank covers Pressed steel sectional panel cover or pitched roof cover sheets.

Level indicator Cat and Mouse type with metric scale or glass tube indicator.

Jointing Materials For the jointing of panel flanges, we provide EPDM rubber gaskets or high density UV resistant PVC foam gaskets. Specially designed buthyl rubber mastic compound provided for the cleats offers excellent water tight joints.

Flanging arrangements Variety of flanging arrangements can be designed to be supported on dwarf walls, flat concrete foundation or on steel stand. If the site access is limited, internally flanged tank can be designed.

Bolts, Nuts and Washers Hot dip galvanised or stainess steel Insulation Tanks can be site insulated with glass wool and trapezoidal cover sheet.