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Stainless Steel Welded Tanks

Stainless Steel tanks are highly recommended and the most ideal for potable water storage, where the purity of water….

Yastık Tanklar

Pillow (Bladder) Tanks

Bladder Tanks offer an ideal storage solution for a wide range of commercial, industrial, marine and…


Cylindrical Bolted Modular Tanks

Cylindrical Bolted tanks are made of either galvanised steel, stainless steel or epoxy coated steel. Pre-fabricated panels…

Modüler GRP Depolar

GRP Sectional Tanks

HOT PRESS MOULDED SMC/GRP panel tanks are highly recommended and the most ideal for raw/treated…


Rectangular Bolted Modular Tanks

A versatile solution for bulk storage of water. The sectional construction concept consists of bolting up together mass…

Membranlı Silindirik Depolar

Membrane Lined Cylindrical Steel Tanks

Memebrane lined steel water tanks can installed for various purposes. Whether you require small capacity…

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